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Miguel Luis at 6 Years (left) and Lili at 9 Years

Miguel Luis
Breed: DachshundGender: Male

Breed: DachshundGender: Female
Favorite Food: Their favorite food is the Flint River Ranch Puppy & Adult or Lamb & Millet.
Favorite Activities: They are healthy dogs, especially for seniors, and as we just moved to a house on the beach, they are loving running and playing in the sand.
Story: They are the best dogs ever! They never get into trouble, I can leave a steak sitting within their reach and they’ll never touch it, they sleep thru the night and never ever ‘go’ in the house. They are my family and I love them so very much.

Staff: Dianne Cantor
Home: San Ysidro, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 9, 2012

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