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Titus at 10 Years

Baby Titus!

Breed: American Pit Bull TerrierWeight: 78 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He will eat anything he can get!
Favorite Activities: Titus likes sleeping, snuggling and sucking on his blanket.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Of course he likes to sleep with his Mommy!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Titus is always loving and comforting!
Story: Titus is special. I call him a rescue because we got him from a bad breeder. The mother dog had killed all but 2 puppies and Titus was one of them. I convinced the guy to give me Titus for way less than he normally charged for his puppies. We quickly took him home and gave him his first warm bath. Being so small I would not normally have done that but he really was smelly from the cage. I wrapped him in a blanket and from that point on he stayed in a blanket and went everywhere with me. We took him to the vet and found he was only 5 weeks old so the vet wormed him and gave him some shots. One she said would help him because his immune system was weak from not nursing. We took him home and he has flourished and been spoiled since. He is the most loving, obedient and gentle Pit Bull I have ever known. Titus has been my biggest comfort and companion since 2005 when I was first diagnosed with colon cancer. After my first surgery he would slowly and gently like he was walking on eggs get up beside me and lay close with his head on my side. He was the same with mu second surgery. Now that I have stage 4 colon cancer he is always near, when I do my chemo and wear the pump home he has to sniff it and then is glued to my all the time. Without my puppy, his nick name, I do not think I could handle this. He means the world to me and in my eyes he is everything providing unconditional love, support and comfort.

Staff: Crystal Gray
Home: Ruther Glen, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: April 12, 2012

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