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Left-to-right: Magpie at 12 Years, Diva at 10 Years, Flex at 11 Years

Breed: Border Collie MixGender: Female
Story: They are all fed your Fish and Chips along with The Honest Kitchen’s Verve. I find that even your high-quality kibble will get my old guys too fat if I don’t cut it with the dehydrated food from Honest Kitchen. I can easily balance their weight by increasing or decreasing your kibble. I adopted the Rottweiller cross just one month ago and he came with long-standing digestive issues: the itching, ear infections, licking and mild chewing on his feet. Poor guy---his former family just did not know what effect his food had on him. He spent years in poor health. I am so happy to have him and to get him on a proper diet without the junk in most dry dog food. He was eating Purina Pro Plan, nice sounding name, crappy ingredients. He is already doing better; less scratching and licking and no ear issues. I knew the moment they were describing his problems that I could clean it up with a good diet including Flint River. Thank you for your high quality products, quick shipping and wonderful (like you) customer service!

Breed: Border Collie MixGender: Female

Breed: Rottweiler MixGender: Male

Staff: Jean Harris
Home: Reno, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: May 3, 2012

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