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Ruby O'Reilly

Rosie O'Reilly
Breed: Soft-Coated Wheaten TerrierGender: Female
Rosie is 3 and a Craig’s List find. She is amazing and perfectly healthy. We got Rosie in the hopes that she would ease our pain in losing Ruby, who was predicted to pass away at a very young age. Ruby O’Reilly is now 5 years old. She was a surprise for our son. I researched extensively and decided on the breed and breeder (in St Louis, because, via email, they appeared to be the best). Ruby was flown in to Greensboro NC. Our sweet son lost his mind when he saw her (he is an OTT animal lover, thought we were going to the airport to get an ottomanJ ). Really, our whole family fell in love with Ruby…. in baggage claim. Right away the problems began. The food the breeder sent caused violent diarrhea. The breeder would not return my calls (I only wanted advice). The vet rec’d a Purina prescription which did OK. That prescript. was changed in year two when “Rubes” was diagnosed with early stage Renal Kidney Failure and switched to Purina NF. Problem is, Ruby does not eat much of it unless I mix it with the wet food and then she gets diarrhea…vicious cycle. I decided to try Flint River from my own research and Ruby eats it better than she has ever eaten anything! The fact is, Ruby should not be here…based on the progression of her kidney disease. We believe that adding Rosie to our family brought Ruby back to life. They eat competitively, frolic like puppies, sleep together, etc. My husband had been carrying Ruby to bed every night because she could barely stand. Now, she plays again. She runs. She is no longer on prescription meds (they made her feel terrible and did not change her diagnosis). Rosie is goofy, very loving and probably not very smart. Ruby is brilliant, neurotic and high maintenance. Together they are amazing. So is Flint River. My girls eat your food the BEST of any we have tried. I showed the label to the vet and he approved. I am a fan.

Ruby O'Reilly
Breed: Soft-Coated Wheaten TerrierGender: Female

Staff: Linda Kelly
Home: Winston Salem, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: May 3, 2012

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