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Rest in Peace, sweet Ozzie!
Ozzie at 7 Years

George Clooney

Breed: English Springer SpanielGender: Male
Story: I adopted Ozzie through the Golden Gate Springer Spaniel rescue organization 4 years ago. He went way too soon. Though not groomed, his coat was only about 2" long when I got him. In about 3 months it grew inches due to good nutrition and love.

I am so sad to inform you that my beloved Springer Spaniel for whom I ordered your products passed away suddenly of bone cancer.

George Clooney
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/English Springer Spaniel MixGender: Male
Favorite Food: I love my Flint River Ranch diet. It has helped me gain much needed weight and fur, living up to my new movie star name!
Favorite Activities: I stay busy chasing silly squirrels leaping through our trees, frolicking with mom and stealing my sisters' toys, and meeting nice men who appreciate the love and joy in my heart. (Something that is new to me, as before I came to live in my new home I had never seen squirrels, didn't know how to play, and cowered to avoid being beaten by the men in my life.)
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I learned to swim and get out of the pool safely, but prefer to float on the raft while mom does her laps.
Story: My mom Kathleen decided she needed a new dog sooner rather than later because she was mired in grief over losing my predecessor, Ozzie, to osteosarcoma. We needed each other so badly. I struggled for a bit with separation anxiety, but am doing much better now. And mom hasn't cried for months since I assumed responsibility for our big yard, my 2 older sisters (Macaws named Opal and Sunny), and keeping her warm at night.

Staff: Kathleen Elliott
Home: Cupertino, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 1, 2012

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