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Rest In Peace sweet Abby!
Left-to-right: Ava at 8 Years, Abby, Forrest at 12 Years

Breed: Great DaneGender: Female
Story: We had a Border Collie named Abby who was the light of our lives but we lost her to cancer in February. Ava and Forrest are doing great on the Senior PLUS Kibble. Ava had a ton of issues with food, so finding Flint River Ranch was a huge blessing. For awhile she was on prescription food but it made her so nauseous she actually passed out once, which was so scary. She and Abby started on Lamb and Rice then moved to the senior food, and they have done so well on everything from Flint River.

Breed: Border CollieGender: Female

Breed: Lhasa ApsoGender: Male

Staff: Anne Kerker
Home: Tacoma, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 30, 2012

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