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Left-to-right: Heidi at 8 Years, Indy at 1 Year, Kacee at 7 Years, Hijinks at 10 Years

Indy with his ring!

Breed: Norwegian ElkhoundGender: Female
Favorite Food: All my Elkhounds love Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips as a meal or as a treat in a treat dispensing ball!
Story: Heidi and Indy were both rescues that I adopted from the John Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund, Inc!

Breed: Norwegian ElkhoundGender: Male
Story: Indy was picked up as a stray in Ohio by the pound, and was rescued by the John Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund, Inc. After surgery to remove the collar that had become imbedded in his neck, and after being neutered, he was placed in a foster home in Michigan, and then we were able to transport him to Oklahoma after I adopted him. He's a sweet, loving little guy who enjoys meal time, head scratches, and chasing his Frisbee ring. He will likely always be a bit undersized due to his less than ideal early living circumstances, but he's been gaining some much needed weight eating Flint River Ranch food. His coat is also getting thicker, softer, and has a very nice luster to it.

Breed: Norwegian ElkhoundGender: Female

Breed: Norwegian ElkhoundGender: Male

Staff: Sandra Roberts
Home: Edmond, OK
Date Entered into Gallery: June 28, 2013

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