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In Between Naps
Rhoda at 3 Months

"The wonderful thing about tiggers..."
Rhoda at 6 Months

Zooming By At The Beach
Rhoda at 8 Months

Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackWeight: 90 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Anything Cristi and Fer try to keep out of my reach... but I show special interest for Tuna. I seldom get to eat anything different than dog food, though.
Favorite Activities: Running and swimming at the beach, playing "Catch me if you can!", and napping.
Favorite Place to Sleep: The couch... but pressing to convince my parents to switch to their bed. I am a great negotiator. I have managed to persuade them to change most of their initial rules regarding places and things I shall be allowed to do or not. I've got my mom on my side... and I am working hard on my dad. It is a matter of weeks now.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: One I am particularly proud of: Potty training. Since moving in with Cristi and Fer at 6 weeks old, I have never messed the house. I will howl them mad until they take me out to the yard. I am pretty mature, you know. Then there's counter-surfing: I am great at it... which leads to another skill: gulping 2 pounds of cheese in 3 seconds. Lets see any of you top that! Oh, there another: Stealing a marker, breaking it, get my fronts paws soaked in ink, and managing to get 5,673 paw prints over floor, walls and kitchen counter. I know my boundaries, so I did not get any prints on furniture or beds.
Story: We were dog-searching. We met Rhoda's mom, the first RR we ever saw... that was it: we needed a RR in our lives.
Just give me two minutes, and I'll get under your skin and into your heart.

Staff: Cristina and Fernando
Home: Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela,
Date Entered into Gallery: November 5, 2004

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