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"Pinto Canyon is spot on! Why aren't we eating?"
Devon at 8 Years

"Where's the fresh chicken and brown rice?"

"You want this place spotless??"

Breed: DalmatianWeight: 51 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Fresh peaches and Chicken & Brown Rice.
Favorite Activities: Going for car rides, helping Mommy bake, playing bump, and cuddling.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Mommy’s lap.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He has a job working as quality control for our pet treat bakery, and he has many special skills since he does tricks and has some trick titles.
Story: We have many fun stories! We had a big adventure moving from California to North Carolina. We drove across the country, just Devon and Mommy, in a two seater convertible. He got to visit a bunch of rest areas, stay in hotels, ride in elevators, and he charmed everyone he met.

Staff: Elizabeth Barber
Home: Winston Salem, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: February 5, 2019

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