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"Are you serious? I'm trying to rest here."
Hannah at 4 Years

Snoozing Sisters

Hannah at 8 Weeks

Hannah and Her Sisters at Their First Birthday Party

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 77 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: No favorites... if it's edible, she loves it!
Nickname: Hannah Banana or HB.
Favorite Activities: Swimming and meeting new friends at the beach, and going for walks.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Right beside me!
Story: The weekend before my daughter's wedding (my only child), I made the 2-hour drive with some friends as they picked out their puppy at a not-so-local breeder. I'd wanted a dog for some time and knew I'd eventually have my "golden girl," but I was patiently waiting for the right time. Little did I know --- it had arrived.

We watched and played with the pups for 2-3 hours and my friends made their selection -- a beautiful little girl that they named Bailey. With their selection made and all the paperwork completed, we were preparing to head for home. But I just had to have one more look at those wonderful puppies... at the car I turned around and there was Hannah... She had followed me and was looking up at me with those killer eyes! SHE had picked ME... how could I resist???

My friends had an active part in my daughter's wedding, and some mutual friends (who have 3 small boys) "baby-sat" for Bailey, and in a short 24-hours, fell in love. The next weekend, they welcomed another of the litter into their home! So Hannah has 2 of her sister littermates right here in the area.

Staff: Jane Goode
Home: Independence, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: December 8, 2004

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