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Zinka at 6 Years

Breed: Domestic Mediumhair CatWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Zinka loves her Pinto Canyon Oven-Baked Turkey Recipe for Cats & Kittens so much, she also gets it for a treat, too!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Zinka begs and plays dead for treats.
Story: When a stray cat we adopted passed away after only 5 years, I missed the cat so much that I knew I had to get another one ASAP. We found Zinka at a rescue. I was looking for the biggest cat I could find and she fit the bill at 16 lbs. After her first vet visit, it turned out she had stomatitis, a painful inflammation of the gums from an immune over response to plaque bacteria. After a teeth cleaning and several extractions she was better. However a year later at the next vet visit it had recurred, so another cleaning and more extractions. She lost some weight and recovered again, but by the next annual vet visit, a full extraction was recommended and performed. There was a complication with her canines so they were left in for now. So here I am with a poor toothless kitty. Lately she's not been eating her canned food. So I am wondering is it her teeth or something else? I decided to take a chance on the Pinto Canyon Cat Food. As soon as I started opening the bag she went crazy. I gave her a handful one kibble at a time like treats. She wanted more. I moistened another handful with warm water as recommended on your website and she ate it all. My husband gives her too many treats because he can't resist when she begs. Now we're going to give her the Pinto Canyon kibble as treats. This is so much better than treats because it's nutritionally balanced. We'll also feed her some moistened kibble in her bowl. I appreciate the small size of the kibble. She can eat it easily without teeth.

Staff: Alex & Asya Usvitsky
Home: San Leandro, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: April 30, 2021

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