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Hunter and Gage at 2 Months

Hunter and Gage
Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 90 pounds
Gender: MaleBirthday: October 11, 2001
Favorite Food: They eat Flint River Ranch food.
Favorite Activities: They enjoy playing with each other, fetch, playing with the family, and just enjoying the freedom of outdoors.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Hunter and Gage have a whole bedroom for themselves. They have their crates in the bedroom for when we are gone from the house, but when we are home they could have the run of the house but they choose to go to their room in their crates without having to close the door. They both stay there at night when we are all sleeping. We only close the door to their crate when no one is at home.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: There are no special skills or responsibilities that this type of dog needs cause they are the most caring and loving dog you could ever have. They are great with everyone they come in contact with but also will be very protective to family.

Staff: Brian and Lynne Furgerson
Home: Dryden, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: November 10, 2002

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