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Bluebell (left) and Tennessee at 8 Years

Tennessee at 8 Years

On Point for a Dragonfly

Brenda with

Breed: English SetterGender: Female
Full Name: Tennessee Rain
Favorite Food: We live on the Outer Banks of NC where allergy season is tough us. Since my mom started us on Flint River lamb and millet several months ago, I am no longer chewing my paws or scratching ucky hot spots, so mom is already saving on vet bills, we have never felt better and I am looking pretty sassy at eight years old! My sister Bluebell, the springer spaniel in the picture with me, passed away last year and I wish she would have had a chance to get her health back with your dog food. I know it would have helped her and she could have still been with us today. I want to thank you for helping me not chew my paws and my eyes to stop watering and Dusty and Parlay to not dig at their ears, and Echo to not scratch all night and keep me awake anymore! So thanks, FlintRiver.com, we are so glad we found ya!

Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Stand on point for dragonflies.

Breed: English Springer SpanielGender: Female

Breed: Labrador RetrieverGender: Male

Staff: Brenda Minton
Home: Grandy, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: April 2, 2005

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