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Shayla at 8 Years

The day before Shayla passed away.

Rest In Peace 9/2/96-11/16/10

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Toy Fox Terrier MixWeight: 11 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She enjoys dried Chicken Strips from Trader Joe's.
Nickname: Boo
Favorite Activities: She likes playing ball—she rolls it with her nose and her paws like a soccer ball back and forth to you.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps either on her big fleece pillow on the bed and under the covers with Mom butted up against her or on her back spooning.
She was overdosed by the old vet and was paralyzed for 2 weeks. She had seizures from October to December in 2004. I took her off Advantage, store dog food, and Sentinol, and she's had no more vaccinations, and she hasn't had any seizures for 8 months. She eats ground organic turkey and broccoli twice a day and Flint River Ranch dry food.

She coughs a lot and has asthma-type attacks from spring through to fall. She's allergic to grass.

Sadly, Shayla had to be put down on November 16, 2010. She was over 14 years old and will be greatly missed.

Staff: Cher McGrath
Home: Mountain View, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: August 15, 2005

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