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Shadow at 8 Years (left) and Lexi at 15 Months


Breed: German Shepherd DogWeight: 75 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Lexus Vom Schroeder Haus
Favorite Food: Lexi will "sample" anything I'm eating, now, but when she was a pup, Flint River Ranch brand products were the only quality food she would eat. She was a VERY picky eater! She (and Shadow) are currently fed various Flint River Dry Foods, DryWater Mix, raw meat, eggs, and veggies. As you can see, they're thriving! Lexi and Shadow say "thank you" for caring enough to make such wonderful products!
Favorite Activities: She LOVES trailing along with our horses into the high country! She also enjoys rodent hunting with her older sister, Shadow, an 8-year-old Australian Cattle Dog; playing fetch; and catching Frisbees. She also likes to "help" herd the horses from place to place, and is BEST friends with my 3-year-old Registered Quarter Horse filly, Shelby.
Story: Her sire is a top sire of border patrol dogs in the Czech Republic, and her mother is a Dutch import. When I went to pick Lexi out among her littermates, she had been taken from the pen of female puppies and put in with the males because she was just too rough with the female pups! I'm sure she gets that "hardness" from her mother, which is normally found in male German Shepherds.

Breed: Australian Cattle DogGender: Female

Staff: Teresa McMahon
Home: Cathlamet, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 19, 2005

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