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Emmie at 18 Months

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 7 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: Watching the rabbits eat, sleeping in the sun in her favorite window, chasing toys, and cuddling in a lap.
Story: A friend found Emmie and her two brothers dumped in the middle of a country road. I found out from a mutual friend of ours and called him to ask about the kittens. He told me that she was one of the friendliest cats he had ever come across. I had never had a cat (grew up with dogs), but had been considering adopting a kitten at this time. It was definitely fated that she become ours. Her brothers were adopted by another friend. :) Happy ending for all!
Her color pattern is known as torbie (orange tabby/tortoiseshell mix).

Staff: Cindy Blekas
Home: Fairfax, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 20, 2005

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