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Bruiser at 9 Months

Breed: RottweilerGender: Male
Birthday: February 2, 2005
Favorite Food: He loves to eat Flint River Ranch's doggie treats... wow, he drools.

Before we purchased Bruiser, it had been over two years since we had a dog. Our first and second Rotties were raised on Eukanuba. We believe all babies should eat the best food possible. In the process of finding our new puppy, and interviewing breeders, I spent countless hours on the web reading about dog food... I chose Flint River Ranch for their quality, and because the web site said, "Go ahead, run your hands and fingers over the food in the bag, and then smell your hands." Well I did.

First I ordered the samples. Bruiser had been a picky eater when I first brought him home at 7 weeks old. We tried many human-quality dog foods sold locally at feed stores. Some he wouldn't touch, some after a few days or a couple of weeks he wouldn't touch. This was a big issue since he was the runt - he had a lot of weight to put on and a lot of growing to do. Since the day we ordered the samples, I was sold. He still likes variety. He wants a change all the time. We started with the puppy kibble, and we've moved on to the Fish and Chips - he loves the Fish and Chips. When his appetite starts to slow down I switch him back to puppy kibble, so our last order was for one of each. Switching dog foods does not upset his stomach. This tells me alot about this food... normally you have to gradually switch. Not with Flint River Ranch. I can feed him puppy kibble today and Fish and Chips in the morning, and Chicken and Rice treats in between, and he's happy and healthy. Never gets bored anymore. People compliment his coat all the time. As you can see in the picture I sent, it was taken outside, late at night, with just the flash from the camera, and his coat is so shiny, he looks so healthy.
Favorite Activities: He loves to take baths and play with his toys.
Story: Bruiser is our third Rottie - our last one we last to cancer in 2002. We though we'd never find another Rott like Boss. Our neighbors and friends loved Boss, and Boss never met a stranger he didn't like. We have been blessed to find Bruiser. He too has never met a stranger - he's just a big lap dog. Bruisers' sire is a multi-award winner. Bruiser's mom is from Europe. Bruiser was actually the runt of the litter. We drove from Indiana to Illinois to buy him. And I guess other than the fact that our kids are grown up and moved out, Bruiser gives my husband Norbert and me many minutes, days, weeks, and months of joy.

Staff: Norbert and Karen Baldassari
Home: Hobart, IN
Date Entered into Gallery: November 13, 2005

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