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"I'm sooo bored!"
Smurf at 4 Years

"This is my favorite spot to be!"

Smurf at 11 Years

Breed: Miniature SchnauzerWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He loves everything.
Favorite Activities: Going for a ride in the car, going for a walk, and sleeping.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In one of his 5 beds (has one in most every room in the house).
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Any time we get ready to go anywhere, Smurf runs into his kennel and closes the door with his teeth and waits patiently for a treat.
Story: My husband bought Smurf for me as a gift, soon after I was bitten in the face by my sister-in-law's dog. He was afraid that if I didn't get a dog right away, I would NEVER go near a dog again. Rich has never been attached to any animal before, but Smurf is his best friend. Smurf sits on his lap every morning while Rich reads the newspaper. He is extremely intelligent and very sensitive of our feelings. He can sense so many things. We have to spell around him because he knows what we say if we don't. He even has figured out a couple of words that we spell.
We both have never had a better dog and love him dearly. The world would not be the same without Smurf being a part of it.

Staff: Barb and Rich Dradi
Home: Ridgefield, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 29, 2005

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