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First Night in New Home
Daisy and Maggie

Exhausted after the Hurricane

Daisy and Maggie
Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Story: Daisy and Maggie joined our home in the early summer of 2004. A pregnant stray cat had been dropped off at my friend's house, and they were two of six adorable kittens born. My elderly cat, Hilde, refused to be hospitable but soon learned to tolerate them. Daisy and Maggie were respectful of Hilde's head-of-the-household status and kept their distance.

Hilde recently passed away after 17 years as my angel, and I miss her terribly. Interestingly, Maggie immediately assumed many of Hilde's habits, two of which are sitting on my lap whenver it is available and assisting me with my morning make-up routine.

While I can imagine a home without cat fur everywhere, the chore of keeping a litterbox clean, and endless "get down of there" commands, I can't imagine a home without the love, peace and joy that cats bring.

The first picture is their first night at our home. I made a safe haven for them under the bathroom sink where they could feel protected from the giant Hilda-monster (my husband's nickname for Hilde). The second photo was taken after Hurricane Jeanne in the fall of 2004. They were exhausted from the stress of the storm.

Staff: Phyllis Kingsbury
Home: Greenacres, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: January 4, 2006

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