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Duke at 10 Months

Duke at 14 Months

Breed: BeagleWeight: 25 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: He enjoys running along with me while I ride my bicycle. He can run for at least an hour before he slows down. He likes racing me on the long stretches of grass. I can pedal as fast as I can and he can keep up with me - he gets me really tired.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Duke is an indoor pet. Duke likes sleeping on his big pillow during the day while indoors with us. When he gets to be outside with us, he likes lying on the sunny part of the grass. At night, he sleeps in the hallway in his crate.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Although Beagles are very friendly pets, Duke is a good watch dog. He is also very friendly with kids.

Duke is not completely trained but I am still working on it. It hasn't been easy for me training him, but it sure is rewarding having him with us.

Staff: Jorge Cortez
Home: Chula Vista, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 11, 2006

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