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Simplify Your Life with Scheduled Shipments!

Scheduled shipments are super convenient! Other companies offer "Autoship"; however, life doesn't run automatically — neither does your pet's appetite. We don't just set it up and forget it. We're the "helicopter" staff for your pet's feeding: we carefully calculate your pet's schedule based on their appetite, we'll let you know how much buffer to keep on hand, we make sure your pet gets just the right amount of food at just the right time! If you'd like, we'll even check in with you in a few weeks to ensure the schedule is right on.

We can accomodate any situation you have: we can set up any schedule, or any number of schedules you need, and even rotate flavors if your pet enjoys variety. You'll get just the right amount at just the right time, and we make sure you know it's coming. It's that easy!

Of course, we're here for any questions you have regarding your pet's nutrition!

We'll notify you: We'll send you an email 3 days before each shipment. If you're not ready, or want to try a different flavor, simply reply — you can change your order up until the moment it ships.

How to determine your schedule: We're here to help make sure your schedule is perfect! No guessing! We'll determine the perfect schedule based on your pet's feeding amount. Then we'll figure out the best bundle savings for you — so you get the best price!

How to sign up: After you place your order, use the feedback box to request a schedule for your pets. Include any special requirements you have: any items, schedules, addresses, or just ask for help. We'll set it up and send you a confirmation email. Or simply email or call!

How to make changes: Easy — just call or email! Typically, we dial it right in the first time, but if needed, we're happy to make as many changes as often as you need. Just be prepared to let us know how well your pet is doing.

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