Feeding Your Cat

If you are changing to Pinto Canyon food from another brand, note that food changes can upset a pet's digestive system. You should make the change gradually over 5 to 7 days by mixing the Pinto Canyon food with the brand previously used. Start with a mixture of 10% to 15% Pinto Canyon food, then increase the percentage of Pinto Canyon food by 10 to 15 percentage points each day until the transition is complete. Without the gradual transition from the other brand to richer Pinto Canyon food, pets may get upset stomachs and diarrhea. Don't try to speed the process by mixing a bag of each food together for a 50/50 mix and starting your pet on that.  You and your pet may both be dissatisfied with the results.

KITTENS: Young kittens may be started on Pinto Canyon by mixing with a little warm water. Feed food dry as soon as the kitten's teeth are strong enough to chew hard foods (8 to 10 weeks). Feed kittens three times a day; after 3 months, twice a day.

ADULT CATS: Adult cats should be fed twice a day. Your cat should be looking for food when the next meal is due. Teach them to eat at meal times. The amount your cat eats in 15 to 20 minutes is about the amount they should be fed at the meal. Adjust the food as you notice an increase or decrease in the animal's weight.

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